Schooling Comfort and Cameron on Darwin, Hitler

Saturday, October 24, 2009 at 10:42 PM Bookmark and Share
You may recall hearing that Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron have published a special version of Darwin's Origin of Species which they intend to use to evangelize to college students (not the science majors, apparently). I'm of course hoping that if you see them on your nearest campus, you'll snag me a copy!

I previously mentioned a few brief comments on their wacky introduction, and thought a nice addition would be this critique of some of the other claims made by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron regarding the now infamous "50 pages of libelous lies" introduction they've slipped into Darwin's book.

Note that you can get Darwin's Origin of Species for free these days (at least online).  Here's one example of the complete text of the 6th edition (with audio).


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