Free Origin of Species on November 19th!

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Well, "free" so long as you don't mind that fundamentalist Christian introduction (which I've mentioned previously). In that introduction, the notoriously science illiterate Ray Comfort tries to demonizes Darwin and makes the usual creationist blunders in an attempt to topple the theory of evolution and promote his version of creationism. Yes, that's right - Ray and his side kick Kirk Cameron are rallying the troops to evangelize on 50 college campuses (hopefully mine!) with free copies of the Origin of Species. I really hope someone follows them around and tapes the responses they get!

Here's the details straight from the horse's mouth:

If anyone can grab an extra one (or ten), I'd love a copy!!!

Ray Comfort's introduction can be read at either of: (
[Hat tip to PZ Myers, R. Dawkins]


Posted by: Kristen and Travis | 9/18/2009 5:01 AM

Is this guy for real? I don't even know where to start. What does Hitler have to do with this? What are they going to do next, tell people not to go to college? You know, all that education, it will make you open your eyes and see another viewpoint...

Posted by: Paul | 9/18/2009 10:20 AM

Unfortunately, these two are very real. Hitler and others are said to have been influenced by the idea of fitness and evolution in their extermination of Jews, the handicapped, etc. True or not, it has nothing to do with whether or not the theory of evolution is true but everything to do with persuading people to shun evolution.

Just one of the many ways these two (and many, many other creationists) try and persuade people to shun evolution in order to get them to accept their version of creationism.

The funny thing is that the bulk of these books will be handed out to kids who know how to see through their propaganda - which should make for some hilarious discussions as they hand out books! But we won't see those interactions when these two make their youtube videos afterwards. That's why it'd be great to see others record them and interview some of the students. ;)

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