City Council Member to Gay Teens: "It Gets Better"

Sunday, October 17, 2010 at 5:56 PM Bookmark and Share
In the wake of multiple suicides among teens who are gay or perceived as gay, a single resounding message has emerged: "it gets better."

Here's a particularly moving story from Ft. Worth city council member Joel Burns, told during a city council meeting earlier this month.

More stories like Joel's need to be told, and the teens stuck in these seemingly hopeless situations need to hear them.  To help that happen, Dan Savage and his partner Terry started the It Gets Better Project which helps provide a platform for adults to share their own stories and tell their younger counterparts that they really can get through the bullying, they can get through school, and that it really does get better.

You can see Dan and Terry's original video and the stories of others on the It Gets Better Project's YouTube channel. For additional resources, see the Trevor Project website, the Bullying Information Center, and resources for educators here and here.


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