Intelligent Design: Creationism's Trojan Horse

Monday, September 20, 2010 at 4:51 PM Bookmark and Share
A nice look at the history of the ID movement in the talk below, by NCSE board member Dr. Barbara Forrest (see below to jump around the video by topic highlights). You can read more about her book "Creationism's Trojan Horse" in this review at Panda's Thumb, or in the links given below.

A few bookmarks for those of you who'd like to jump around or don't have time to watch the whole thing:
  1. Dembski's juvenile attempt to anonymously thumb his nose at Judge Jones and others @ 1:20
  2. Talk begins @ 4:14
  3. Trojan Horse defined/discussed @ 5:30
  4. Intelligent Design as a Trojan Horse @ 6:00
  5. Dover Trial details begin around 7:50 
  6. Who's Who of the Discovery Institute: Center for the Renewal of Science & Culture @ 9:49
  7. Their infamous Wedge Strategy (and Wedge Document) @ 11:45
  8. Trial details begin around 13:30
  9. More from Dembski starting @ 14:00 (followed by more shenanigans from the Disco'Tute)
  10. Expert witnesses on the side of science (plaintiffs) @ 17:50
  11. Summary of lessons learned from the trial are in a nice book (see resource links below) @ 18:28
  12. Plaintiff's attorneys @ 18:43
  13. Expert witnesses on the side of intelligent design creationism (defendants) including those  who backed out @18:55
  14. Dr. Forrest describes her role in the trial @ 20:50 (followed by a nice summary of "ID = christian creationism")
  15. The evolution of the creationist-turned-ID text, Of Pandas and People @ 29:45
  16. The origin of that accidental term, cdesign proponentsists @ 33:00
  17. Cost of the Dover trial (including Dembski's $20K "for not showing up") @ 35:45
  18. 1982 source of "Complex specified information"; 1982 precursor to "Irreducible Complexity" @ 37:30
  19. Behe continues on after the trial, his book, etc. @ 39:00
  20. Key terms/phrases used by ID proponents - things to look out for @ 39:25
  21. The new replacement creationist text? Explore Evolution @ 41:00
  22. Nice book list of additional reading on the Creationism vs. Evolution conflict @ 42:34
  23. Did you know Dembski helped A. Coulter write ID chapters in 'Godless'? @ 44:06
  24. Talk ends @ 44:40, Q&A begins.
See anything else worth noting? Please take note of the time, and leave a comment below.  If it doesn't slip my mind, I'll try and include comments above on what's in the Q&A when I get a chance.


  1. Scott, E. C., Branch, G. 2006. Not in our classroom: Why Intelligent Design is Wrong for Our Schools. (purchase here).
  2. Trial Documents from Kitzmiller vs. Dover available here on the NCSE website.
  3. Dr. Forrest's Creationism's Trojan Horse website: Both book info and info/resources from the Dover trial.


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