Creation Museum is Craptastic!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 8:11 PM Bookmark and Share
Australian travel writer Ben Groundwater has included in his list of The world's most craptastic tourist attractions the Creation "Museum" just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio near Petersburg, Kentucky.

Here's why he thinks the place so craptastic...
The Creation Museum, Kentucky

Well, it was hardly going to be in Oregon, was it? Here, true believers can learn about how the Earth was formed by the big man upstairs, who manages to explain away such potential roadblocks as dinosaurs, billion-year-old fossils, and that whole science thing with room after room of ultra-religious tackiness. There’s actually been a lot of money poured into this, and it’s anything but half-arsed. Misguided, maybe – but not half-arsed.

My two cents on the Creation Museum (and a few more photos) are available here.

[Thanks to PZ Myers for sharing]


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