Paul Pick's Spain

Friday, July 9, 2010 at 12:27 PM Bookmark and Share
I don't follow professional sports much, so I was a little confused to read on Jerry Coyne's blog that apparently I had chosen Spain, and that Jerry agreed.  Then I realized he was of course talking about Paul the cephalopod, not Paul the grad student who should be writing his thesis right now instead of blogging.

Despite the fact that I'll be content to see either country win, Jerry was right!  I really did end up picking Spain!  I didn't have an octopus handy, and no coins within reach of my computer, so I just used R to do the coin toss. See for yourself...
> date()
[1] "Fri Jul 09 12:09:24 2010"
> set.seed(09072010)
> ifelse(runif(1) <= 1/2, "Spain", "Netherlands")
[1] "Spain"
See, Spain wins!  Wow - I mean really, what are the odds?


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