Vanity Fair (and Charles Darwin?!) Visit the Creation "Museum"

Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 3:46 PM Bookmark and Share
It's true, Charles Darwin (well, at least the actor who plays Charles Darwin in the movie Creation, English actor Paul Bettany) and A. A. Gill of Vanity Fair magazine put together a nice slide show and scathing critique of the place.

Here's a taste of the smackdown doled out by Gill...
What is truly awe-inspiring about the museum is the task it sets itself: to rationalize a story, written 3,000 years ago, without allowing for any metaphoric or symbolic wiggle room. There’s no poetic license. This is a no-parable zone. It starts with the definitive answer, and all the questions have to be made to fit under it. That’s tough. Science has it a whole lot easier: It can change things. It can expand and hypothesize and tinker. Scientists have all this cool equipment and stuff. They’ve got all these “lenses” and things. They can see shit that’s invisible. And they stayed on at school past 14. Science has given itself millions of years, eons, to play with, but the righteous have got to get the whole lot in, home and dry, in less than 6,000 years, using just a pitchfork and a loud voice. It’s like playing speed chess against a computer and a thousand people with Nobel Prizes.

[Hat tip to PZ Myers]


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