Ray Comfort versus the 9th Commandment

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Looks like the "Creationist edition" of Darwin's Origin went out a day early:
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  2. Wednesday, November 18, 2009 | Ray Comfort's blog
Hope you were able to get your copy! If so, let us know if it was the full text, or if it was missing chapters?


[Correction to what's below - my bad...]  While most regard the final 6th edition  (1876) of Darwin's book the definitive version of the text, in the spirit of the sesquicentennial anniversary of the first edition (1859) it is that edition that has been used by Ray Comfort.  The concern below over a missing Chapter was based on comparisons with later editions (5th and 6th, I believe), so it appears that (at least some) of the books distributed to students contained complete copies of the 1st edition. 

A friend of mine noticed the copy of Comfort's edition of the book that he picked up on campus today was missing Chapter 7. I checked a downloaded copy of the PDF of the full text from Comfort's website (see the link to the intro - it's his whole book) and it too is also missing Chapter 7.  Funny enough - mere pixels from the link to the PDF missing chapter 7 - Comfort writes on his website...
This will be the entire publication (304-pages). Nothing has been removed from Darwin’s original work.
After Darwin's famous final paragraph, there's a "Special Note" by Ray Comfort which ends
... It was Irish playwright and skeptic George Bernard Shaw who warned, “All censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions.
– Ray Comfort


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