Social Experiment: A Christian Visits the Creation "Museum" as an Atheist

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While many of the people that visited to the Creation "Museum" last week as part of the SSA tour were self-described atheists trying to better understand the creationist "world view", Aaron Gardner and his wife went for a slightly different reason.

Both Christians, they joined up with the SSA group on the "museum" tour in order to better understand how atheists experienced the place, and to answer a couple of questions:
What would it be like to be a Christian and a fly on the wall as a group of atheists peered at exhibits that attempted to prove them wrong? How would the creationist lecturer react to challenges and would he gloat when he wins a point?
So how was that experience??
My wife had been there before, and as we pulled into the parking lot her first reaction was to how many extra security were visible. She said that she did not remember more than one or two officers on her last trip, but even before we left the car there were at least 6 clearly visible in front of the facility.
I might add that the museum security also has it's own K9 unit, which was hard to miss coming and going from the museum (click image to enlarge)!

So, what was it like to be that fly on the wall?

I'd highly recommend you read his account from the blog post "Scarlet 'A' for a day" (including the comments!), but this comment just about sums up how he seems to have felt after the experience:
There have rarely been times in my life that I have been ashamed of people that I call “brothers and sisters in Christ.” This was one of them.
Responding to a comment on this same post, Aaron goes on to write:
[Other commenter:] But to Ken Ham and his minions we atheists are bogeymen, inherently immoral and evil.
[Aaron:] That is exactly what was so difficult. I am planning on writing an entire post about just that issue, but to sit in a lecture [by Jason Lisle] that was titled “The Ultimate Proof of Creation” and to be told that atheists are inherently amoral, immoral baseless nuts was nearly too much for me to stomach! What does that have to do with their message that creation is true?
Kudos to Aaron for his initiative to attend the SSA tour of the Creation "Museum" and for speaking out against some of the unfortunate behavior on display there. Well done!


Posted by: Anonymous | 8/19/2009 4:32 PM

Just wanted to leave a shout of thanks for the mention and the encouragement... I can proudly say that you have at least one Christian in your court, and I hope to bring more into the fold.

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