Secret "UFO Files" released by British government

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No, seriously - I'm not kidding.

Fortunately, this isn't just the British government waiving it's arms around about alien invasions or attempted kidnappings (although it does have that feel in places).

Instead, it appears to be a collection of reports about UFOs that does a decent job pointing out that Unidentified Flying Objects are exactly that, unidentified. While they don't go as far as explaining why that doesn't at all suggest aliens are the culprits, they do at least avoid fanning the flames. Anyway, as far as UFOs go, it appears that whenever they actually do get identified - well lets just say that so far, no extraterrestrials...

As it turns out, I myself once witnessed some UFOs back in Colorado during the summer of 1997 (give or take a year). I was driving up to the mountains one evening to visit friends, and off to the west, I could see 2 hovering bright balls of light, way up in the sky. These were much, much larger than any start or comet and looking perfectly motionless other than a sort of eerie shimmer to their bright glowing light. As I watched, to my amazement a third then a fourth appeared out of nowhere, forming a line with the other lights... mind you, I didn't (and still don't) believe there are alien visitors cruising around our atmosphere, but I was a little freaked out by what I'd seen. I just couldn't come up with any better explanation!

As it turns out, my UFOs - like so many others - became "IFOs"... they were identified (following other reports) as aireal flares that dropped during training exercises out of the nearby Ft. Carson military base. I've since had closer views of such flares dropped during training exercises, which appeared exactly like what I had seen that night out in the prairies as I drove up into the foothills.

Anyway, getting back to the British UFO files, one Dr. David Clarke and his books are rather prominent on the site. His take on all this talk about UFOs and aliens?
To my way of thinking, the cultural factors which influence people to 'believe' and to 'see' UFOs, and how those stories are then passed on by word of mouth, the media and the internet, leading to more belief, is the most fascinating aspect of the subject. UFOs, in my view, tell us more about ourselves than they do about 'alien visitors.'
Have fun browsing the archives, checking out the highlights, and (if anything) learning about the human mind as its great capacity to misinterpret and fear the unknown. I guess you might even let it serve a bit of a warning about the importance keeping your B.S. detectors honed and ready to counter your most persuasive of foes - your own mind.


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