Autism & Vaccines Revisted (... again)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at 12:39 PM Bookmark and Share
Massimo Pigliucci's has a nice post on his blog Rationally Speaking, summarizing a recent eSkeptic article entitled "Vaccines & Autism: A Deadly Manufactroversy." It's a nice read for those unfamiliar with the history of the widespread fear that vaccines are the cause of autism, and the consequences of that belief.

In case you're wondering "Why all the fuss about the 'vaccines cause autism' scare?" I think the issue warrants attention for at least two reason: First, as countless individuals and organizations have made abundantly clear, we need vaccines to prevent the death and life-long suffering caused by preventable infectious diseases, particularly among children. Second, we need to focus on uncovering the real story behind autism so that we can more effectively treat and prevent autism spectrum disorders.

Quinn, a boy with autism, and the line of toys he made before falling asleep.
More about Quinn at:

A boy with a rash indicative of rubella (German measles)
(click and search the CDC images for "10146" for details).
Rubella during pregnancy can cause severe birth defects.


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