More from the Texas Board of Education

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The State Board of Education Chair, Don McLeroy (who believes in intelligent design / creationism and takes issue with evolutionary theory) provides us a nice glimpse into what scientists and educators are up against in Texas: passionate adherence to amazingly incorrect ideas about evolution. The Texas Freedom Network has nice coverage and commentary from the board meetings, including this clip of McLeroy showing his lack of scientific understanding:

If you don't already recognize the numerous errors in his arguments in the clip, I'd encourage you to look into some of his claims. Corrections to his flawed arguments can probably be found on the web with minimal effort (e.g. using google or Wikipedia).


More from the Texas Freedom Network.

More on McLeroy's actions as part of the state board of education.

"McLeroy, Confused Again" Texas Citizens for Science, March 14 2009.

"McLeroy Shows His Ignorance of Evolution" ScienceBlogs, Ed Brayton.


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