Privacy Policy

While I value my own privacy and the privacy rights of others, I also view this blog as a medium for open, public discourse. I don't pretend to have any real anonymity on this blog, nor do I see any point to plastering my personal information across the front page either.

When it comes to your emails, I do my best to treat them as private - particularly when it's requested in the email.  If you email me, I will typically treat your personal information, any recounted experiences, and whatever else you happen to share with me as though it were private information meant for me and me alone (unless I'm told otherwise). 

That said, in the unlikely case that I receive any type of personal correspondence I find particularly inflammatory, threatening, or otherwise worth sharing with someone else or the entire rest of the world - I fully reserve the right to share any correspondence sent to me, via email or otherwise, publicly and in it's entirety, although I don't intend to share anyone's contact information, and/or email address unless I have a really good reason to do so.

Just something to be aware of before you click that 'Send' button. ;)